Promoting People-to-People Development

Donations to the VOCA Fund allow us to make development dollars go further and achieve greater impact.

Established and operated as an ACDI/VOCA board-designated fund, the VOCA Fund is a 501(c)(3) that assigns expert volunteers to work with smallholder farmers, microentrepreneurs, and community groups. The fund also provides needed resources to our beneficiaries.

These volunteers work hand-in-hand with local beneficiaries to solve problems and provide them with the knowledge they need to expand opportunities. This people-to-people development approach is at the core of our mission of changing lives in a lasting way.

Your donations enable us to make a bigger, more sustainable impact in our work. They enhance our ability to provide short-term technical assistance in countries where it is most needed and where, because of ongoing, complementary ACDI/VOCA activities, it can be most effective.

Please consider making a contribution today to help better connect beneficiaries to the know-how and resources they need to succeed in the global economy.

Learn more about this important work: ACDI/VOCA Volunteers: People-to-People International Development (PDF, 1.77 MB)



Successful Campaigns

Liberian family.

Help Seed Liberia's Future: Thanks to your generous support, we're making a long-term difference in communities shaken by Ebola. Your donation to the “Help Seed Liberia’s Future” campaign is directly support farming families in Liberia, providing them with the seed, tools, and training they need to recover from the Ebola health crisis and combat a possible hunger crisis. Learn more about this campaign.

Feature Sierra Leone Campaign

Harvesting Rain for Health: Thanks to your generous support, the “Harvesting Rain for Health” campaign reached its $11,000 goal for improving access to clean water for two Sierra Leonean communities. Learn more about this successful campaign.

Feature Egypt Campaign

Plant the Seed of Technology: For the latest information on the successful campaign to help Egyptian farming families grow more—and earn more—through the gift of technology and education, click here.

About Bolivia

Gift of Coffee Excellence: For the latest information on our successful "Gift of Coffee Excellence" campaign to outfit a coffee research institute in Bolivia so rural farmers can reach global markets and earn more money, click here.

Haiti Recovery

Haiti Relief and Recovery: For more information on our successful jobs creation program in Haiti following the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Greenest Gift

Greenest of Gifts: Our successful "Greenest of Gifts" campaign of provided a greenhouse, irrigation kit and training from a volunteer expert in Kenya.

List of Founding Contributors

  • CoBank, ACB
  • Miller & Shook
  • Damon Szymanski
  • Dr. Poul Hansen
  • Carl Leonard

Additional Work Funded by the VOCA Fund

Banda Aceh, Indonesia—a tsunami recovery project, funded by the KPMG Disaster Relief Fund, helped to rebuild a boat-building business that is the area’s primary employer.

VOAGRO, Bolivia—funded by Agrocapital, a Bolivian rural lending institution, this project provided volunteer technical assistance to the institution’s agribusiness clients.

Pictured at top left: Kent Allen, a volunteer from Wyoming with extensive experience in seismic-safe construction, traveled to Haiti and trained 40 local trainers and area craftsmen in light construction techniques. The training was made possible with donations to the VOCA Fund.


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