T.J. Ryan

Technical Managing Director, Agriculture

T.J. Ryan has over 25 years of professional experience in international development combining project and program management with strategic planning, agriculture and agribusiness development, and private sector partnerships. His experience has been geographically diverse, having lived in west, southern, and east Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. While at ACDI/VOCA, he has managed the SUCCESS Alliance program that promoted broad-based cocoa sector development in Southeast Asia, Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean. The SUCCESS Alliance brought together cocoa sector stakeholders from producers to intermediaries, researchers, large processors and chocolate manufacturers, and service-related industries to address problems specific to each. In his current role, Mr. Ryan is responsible for technical oversight of ACDI/VOCA’s cocoa projects and maintains good relations with project partners including local associations and research institutions as well as representatives of the World Cocoa Foundation and its members. Mr. Ryan also works on coffee sector projects, providing oversight and managing partnerships with the private sector and service providers as well as ACDI/VOCA’s primary technical partner, the Coffee Quality Institute. He was a Peace Corps volunteer in Benin with an assignment in appropriate technology and agroforestry. Mr. Ryan earned his M.B.A. in international business at The Johns Hopkins University and speaks French, Spanish, and Portuguese.