Technical Experts

ACDI/VOCA's success is largely due to the talent, experience, and commitment of its professional staff.

The list below is illustrative and only showcases current in-house experts. When appropriate we also draw from a database of over 81,000 consultants and volunteers.

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Agribusiness Experts
Community Development Experts
Enterprise Development Experts
Financial Services Experts
Food Security Experts
Gender and Development Experts
Health and Nutrition Experts
Monitoring and Evaluation Experts
Natural Resource Management Experts
Value Chain Approach Experts

  • Alex Pavlovic

    Chief of Party, Zambia

  • Alex Rotich

    Regional Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, Africa

  • Ali A. El-Saied, Ph.D.

    Senior Business Intelligence Advisor, Agribusiness

  • Amelia Moro

    Program Director, Paraguay

  • Barry T. Elkin

    Technical Director, Food Security

  • Bonface Kaberia

    Deputy Chief of Party, Kenya

  • Carl P. Birkelo, Ph.D.

    Deputy Chief of Party/Animal Industry Specialist, Ethiopia

  • Charlotte Block

    Technical Director, Nutrition

  • Cristóbal Aguilar

    Country Representative, Bolivia

  • Daniel White

    Associate Director, Agriculture

  • David Miller

    Agriculture and Adaptation Specialist, Community Development

  • Douglas Anderson

    Regional Representative & Chief of Party, Egypt

  • Douglas Leavens

    Technical Managing Director, Financial Services

  • Eileen Barber

    Communications and Outreach Manager, Colombia

  • Geoffrey Chalmers

    Managing Director, Technical Learning and Application

  • Gevorg Adamyan

    Executive Vice President, Project Management and New Business Development

  • Hayden Aaronson

    Technical Director, Enterprise Development

  • Irene Karimi

    Chief of Party, East Africa

  • Jacob Gray

    Deputy Director, Technical Learning & Application

  • Jenn Williamson

    Director, Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Empowerment

  • Jennifer Himmelstein

    Associate Director, Corporate Analysis

  • Jimena Niño

    Deputy Chief of Party, Colombia

  • Kara Lang

    Technical Director, Disaster Risk Reduction and Response

  • Karyll Aitcheson

    Chief of Party, Jamaica

  • Kassu Kebede Anawet

    Program Manager, Ethiopia

  • Kwesi Korboe

    Country Representative, ASI

  • Ladd

    Senior Technical Director, Nutrition

  • Laveto Akoi-Forkpa

    Deputy Leader, Liberia

  • Lee Rosner

    Chief of Party, Tanzania

  • Lindsey Jones

    Technical Advisor, Gender Mainstreaming and Women’s Empowerment

  • Lucy Njuguna

    Program Director, Kenya

  • Lydia Mbevi Nderitu

    Regional Gender and Youth Advisor

  • Martin E. Mason

    Value Chain Specialist, Tanzania

  • Maura Allen

    Senior Vice President, Project Management

  • Mazen Fawzy

    Managing Director, Project Management

  • Mercideta G. Pacio-Valdez

    Monitoring & Evaluation Manger and Gender Specialist of ACDI/VOCA Philippines MinPACT

  • Nadia Namken

    Senior Technical Director, Financial Services

  • Nael Jean-Baptiste

    Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist

  • Nirinjaka Ramasinjatovo

    Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, West Africa

  • Olaf Kula

    Program Manager, West Africa Regional Office

  • Paul Guenette

    Executive Vice President, Communications and Outreach

  • Ricardo Amaya

    Deputy Chief of Party, Colombia

  • Richard Semakula

    Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Uganda

  • Robert Fries

    Executive Vice President, Technical Learning and Application

  • Robert Rosengren

    Technical Managing Director, Food Security

  • Rozena Begum

    Monitoring and Evaluation Director, Bangladesh

  • Ruth Campbell

    Senior Vice President, Technical Learning and Application

  • Sarah Sahlaney

    Specialist, Social and Behavior Change

  • Scott Bode

    Senior Technical Director, Natural Resource Management

  • Sergio Rivas

    Chief of Party, Colombia

  • Sileshi Bogale

    Program Manager, Ethiopia

  • Sophie Walker

    Senior Agribusiness Advisor/Chief of Party, East Africa

  • Thelonious Trimmell

    Chief of Party, Philippines

  • Thomas Carr

    Chief of Party, Ghana

  • Treena Bishop

    Deputy Chief of Party, Bangladesh

  • T.J. Ryan

    Technical Managing Director, Agriculture

  • Vanessa Adams

    Chief of Party, Ethiopia

  • Victoria Norelid

    Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Colombia

  • Willem van Campen

    Chief of Party, Mali

  • William Sparks

    Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

  • Wyanie Bright

    Senior Technical Director, Partnerships and Investments