ACDI/VOCA's Culture

Expertise. Accountability. Collaboration. Innovation.

Opportunity Knocks 2010 awardACDI/VOCA’s team of professionals has established a worldwide reputation for expanding economic opportunities, social benefits, and food security solutions. At its best our work benefits others on a large scale. Thus pride in our brand and a positive and congenial spirit underlie our culture.

Fundamental is a commitment to building our capacity to implement development projects. ACDI/VOCA pursues a limited but powerful scope of development interventions. Further we strive to be both a learning, as well as a doing, institution. Our staff development program includes robust in-house training, tuition reimbursement where appropriate, and a wide array of online instruction, including Rosetta Stone language courses and hundreds of offerings through e-Cornell and the Harvard Business School.

The ability to achieve true and lasting development is made possible by our emphasis on impact. We achieve results through expertise, accountability, collaboration, and innovation.

Our expertise is embodied in our understanding of the problem, sound project design, the application of superior resources, and proficient implementation. We have demonstrated that we can mount large, complex, interactive global projects.

High standards of accountability manifest our dedication to beneficiaries, donors, and each other. By clearly defining responsibility and measuring performance, our teams are better able to apply effective development methods as well as ensure wise and scrupulous use of donor resources. ACDI/VOCA has dedicated monitoring and evaluation staff and an internal auditor.

ACDI/VOCA’s commitment to collaboration manifests our belief that our talented and experienced staff can discover, develop, and deliver the solutions to virtually any challenge encountered. As an organization we value communications and look for synergy. Our small, flexible teams are dedicated to finding entrepreneurial approaches to winning and successfully managing projects. When appropriate we engage in partnerships or secure the best outside resources available. Our list of partners extends at any given time to hundreds of public and private sector, multilateral and financial institutions, NGOs, cooperatives, and associations. Above all, we treat our beneficiaries as true partners.

With the plight of so many at stake and with many of the world’s problems seemingly intractable, innovation is required from development practitioners. While we use proven, replicable approaches where possible, we regard each country, each community, and each person as important and unique. We have a record of pioneering important development methodologies. For example, we have developed an impressive corpus of knowledge on value chain-oriented economic development on behalf of the U.S. Agency for International Development. We have performed well even in the most trying conflict-torn environments.

While the aspects of our culture that enable us to be effective matter especially to our beneficiaries and to those who fund us and in whose name we serve—they are also extremely satisfying to us.