Who We Are

A nonprofit that means business

ACDI/VOCA envisions a world in which everyone is empowered to build healthy families, resilient communities, and flourishing societies. Since 1963, we have partnered with public and private actors to find sustainable solutions that enable people to productively engage in local and global markets.

From the beginning, we have been guided by cooperative principles that prioritize voluntary engagement, economic participation, and shared responsibility and learning. We apply sound business practices in our approach and create synergies by partnering with the commercial sector. Our local, tailored solutions facilitate connections that expand access to opportunities and strengthen markets. We maximize the effective use of resources to achieve lasting results.

With a range of multidisciplinary tools and expert staff, we leverage our innovation and learning from more than 50 years’ experience. Working people-to-people, our network of technical volunteers share their expertise and skills. We deliver strategies that equip and empower individuals and communities.

Join us as we pursue a world in which every woman and man is empowered to succeed in the global economy.

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1963-2013: 50 years of ACDI/VOCA.