Volunteer Program Design

International volunteerism is gaining momentum not only as an opportunity for professionals to “give back,” but also as a mechanism to link U.S. volunteer experts with the developing world’s emerging businesses and communities in need.

Bring Benefits Back Home

  • Businesses that sponsor employees as volunteers gain familiarity with emerging markets, establish global contacts, develop employee skills and demonstrate corporate responsibility
  • Individuals who become ACDI/VOCA volunteers establish deep friendships and broaden their professional and cross-cultural skills
  • Foundations that draw on the expertise of ACDI/VOCA volunteers achieve their missions more efficiently and deepen understanding

How to Partner with ACDI/VOCA

  • contract with ACDI/VOCA to design and implement a volunteer program
  • sponsor volunteers within the structure of a current ACDI/VOCA project
  • support volunteer activities with a contribution to the 501(c)(3) VOCA Fund (click here)
  • match employee contributions through programs such as “Dollars for Doers”

Volunteers Add Value in Global Development: How Your Organization Can Benefit (PDF, 1.24 MB)

What We Offer

With proven experience in the highly specialized work of volunteer selection, preparation and logistics, ACDI/VOCA ensures the success of expert volunteer programs. Our close cooperation with our sponsors and host entities ensures a good match between volunteers and projects.

How We Work with Organizations

In today’s flattened world, significant economic growth will occur in developing countries, where there are vast untapped market opportunities. Forward-looking organizations are shaping their product lines, training their employees and adapting their business practices to succeed in these emerging markets.

ACDI/VOCA draws on its experience working in 146 countries, offering organizations the opportunity to learn while also contributing to development. Expert volunteers are a powerful component of our development work. They boost a host entity’s reputation and performance through intensive personal engagement, intensive learning and bottom-line results. And the benefits go both ways and are almost as profound for the volunteers.

Benefits to the Volunteer and Sponsoring Company

  • rewards of high-level, useful service
  • on-the-ground emerging market experience
  • opportunities that inspire, incentivize and retain employees
  • off-the-shelf international volunteer corporate social responsilbity (CSR) program

ACDI/VOCA volunteers enhance business performance and improve living standards in areas such as