Financial Services

Enabling enterprise, fueling growth

ACDI/VOCA helps to expand financial services to small enterprises and rural households. We identify and support critical changes that facilitate access by reducing the cost and increasing the efficiency of financial intermediation with farmers, micro and small enterprises, and rural residents.

Because these changes reflect local financial market conditions, varying over time and from place to place, our systems approach to financial services is varied as well and includes a wide range of activities:

  • advocating for and obtaining changes in laws and regulations
  • developing new, and partnering with existing, local commercial banks, cooperatives, and non-bank financial institutions
  • engaging value chain actors and allying them with financial institutions in order to reduce the cost and risk of agricultural finance
  • expanding collateral through warehouse receipts and inventory credit systems
  • building institutional capacity, disseminating best practices, and supporting local allies' efforts in financial and risk management, new product development, internal controls, financial analysis, management information systems, and funding diversification

A Selection of Past Projects

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