February 3, 2012

New Project Won: African and Latin American Resilience to Climate Change Program

ACDI/VOCA has won a subcontract for the African and Latin American Resilience to Climate Change program (ARCC). Tetra Tech ARD is the prime implementer of the USAID-funded initiative.

Climate Change Challenges

Global climate change is one of the most pernicious and challenging phenomena to face the world today. It disproportionately impacts the poor and marginalized populations, and has the potential to undermine decades of development investments and modernization.

Worldwide governments and donors struggle to adapt programs to accommodate the immediate and long-term shocks of changes in climatic patterns.

Climate science provides important tools to help focus international assistance, but the real challenge—how to help communities and governments assess and respond to these shocks—remains.

Program Will Address Environmental Vulnerability and Adaptation

ARCC represents an important vehicle for USAID to invest more effectually and consistently in adaptation programming and activities that support economic growth, democratic governance, health, human rights and education.

ACDI/VOCA will provide technical staff and support to investigate vulnerability and pursue adaptation related to USAID agriculture and Feed the Future programming as well as fulfill other requirements as determined in the annual work plans.

Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s work on climate change.