August 1, 2013

ACDI/VOCA Launches LinkedIn Volunteer Group

Social Media Channel to Connect Current and Past Volunteer Experts

ACDI/VOCA volunteers can now connect via the new LinkedIn ACDI/VOCA Volunteer Group. Current and past volunteer experts who have worked overseas to support ACDI/VOCA’s programs can ask each other questions, offer advice and share documents and ideas in the new social media space.

“We hope our new LinkedIn group will help volunteers better connect with each other to share experience, learning and tools,” said Diana Boni, recruiter for ACDI/VOCA’s volunteer programs.

People-to-People Development

ACDI/VOCA utilizes highly skilled volunteer advisors as a valuable and cost-effective development tool. The volunteers are typically mid-career professionals or recent graduate students who provide authoritative technical assistance to help farmers, entrepreneurs, cooperatives, associations and small businesses upgrade their operations and adopt best practices. The ranks of ACDI/VOCA volunteers have included bank presidents, beekeepers, coffee roasters, food-processing experts, grain storage specialists and business magnates.

"When we use volunteers, we get more than expert technical assistance. Volunteers build lasting relationships with our beneficiaries and are ambassadors for this country," said Diana Roach, senior director of volunteer programs.

Since 1971 ACDI/VOCA has managed over 11,000 volunteer assignments in more than 130 countries as a complement to ongoing, larger-scale initiatives. The volunteer consultants donate their time and expertise to fulfill specific roles, usually over a 2-3 week period, in one of ACDI/VOCAs projects in agribusiness, enterprise development, community development, food security and financial services.

Many volunteers have served in multiple assignments, and all have interesting experiences to share. The new LinkedIn ACDI/VOCA Volunteer Group will enable them to make connections that will enhance both the efficiency and camaraderie of the volunteer experience. Learn more about how ACDI/VOCA uses volunteer talent in our field projects.

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