January 18, 2011

ACDI/VOCA Announces 2010 Photo Contest Winners

And the 2010 Annual Photo Contest grand prize winner is ... Jairo Andrade!

ACDI/VOCA-Ecuador Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist Jairo Andrade took the beautiful shot of farmers cooperatively cropping quinoa in the rural Andes. He will receive a new digital Canon camera as his prize for receiving the most votes. ACDI/VOCA staff in Ecuador, Southern Sudan and Washington, D.C., won the five runners-up prizes and will receive flash keys.

Big thanks to voters who cast 818 online ballots for their favorite photos.

Our 2010 contest was a tremendous success with 166 photos "showing ACDI/VOCA at work," which were submitted by staff, volunteers and consultants from Afghanistan, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Colombia, Ecuador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Haiti, India, Iraq, Jamaica, Sierra Leone, Southern Sudan, Tajikistan, Uganda, the United States and Vietnam.

We thank all participants—photographers and voters alike—for making the contest a resounding success. Check out the winning shots below!

Grand Prize Winner

Quinoa planters perform a minga to cooperatively clear fields for community members in the Pimampiro Municipality of Ecuador’s Imbabura Province. ACDI/VOCA’s PRODEL, or Programa de Desarrollo Económico Local, supports the farmers by providing technical assistance and building market connections.

Photographer: Jairo Andrade, ACDI/VOCA-Ecuador PRODEL


A woman entrepreneur uses her cooperative’s services. ACDI/VOCA’s PRODEL program supports cooperatives and other private sector entities to increase incomes and create employment for families in Ecuador’s northern and southern border areas.

Photographer: Diego Andrade, ACDI/VOCA-Ecuador PRODEL

Otavalan indigenous community members who belong to the Runa Yuyai Quinoa Producers’ Association perform their community field clearing to prepare for crop planting. ACDI/VOCA’s PRODEL program supports the farmers through our local partner Cereales Andinos to increase their access to markets and to increase their incomes.

Photographer: Silvia Vallejo, ACDI/VOCA-Ecuador PRODEL

Saad Hamed Hassan holds a freshly harvested tomato on his farm in Esna in Upper Egypt. He is a member of the El Matana farmer group, which works with ACDI/VOCA, through our USAID-funded Four Thousand Tons a Day project, to link smallholder farmers in Egypt to profitable market ventures and increase their incomes.

Photographer: Penelope Hucker, ACDI/VOCA-HQ

Southern Sudanese farmers practice numeracy and counting skills learned in Farming as a Business training conducted by ACDI/VOCA. Our Building Responsibility for the Delivery of Government Services (BRIDGE) program works with farmers in Southern Sudan to develop business skills to better manage costs and increase incomes.

Photographer: Jim Flock, ACDI/VOCA-Southern Sudan BRIDGE

In the Alexandria region of lower Egypt, Ragab Fouad Abdel Basset shows cauliflower that he grew as an alternate crop during the winter season in January 2009. He is a member of the Banger El Soukar farmer group, which works with ACDI/VOCA through our USAID-funded Four Thousand Tons a Day project.

Photographer: Penelope Hucker, ACDI/VOCA-HQ

Honorable Mentions

Women farmers in India express joy after being trained in Good Agricultural Practices by ACDI/VOCA’s Partnership for Innovation and Knowledge in Agriculture program, which is funded by USAID.

Photographer: Amit Singh, ACDI/VOCA-India PIKA

The son of a baker tries freshly baked bread. His father’s bakery is one of over 160 microenterprises assisted by ACDI/VOCA's IIntegrated Community Development Fund (ICDF) in Bolivia. The project supports entrepreneurs with equipment purchases and provides technical assistance and training to participants.

Photographer: ACDI/VOCA-Bolivia ICDF staff

A youth apprenticeship participant learns practical, hands-on techniques from a practicing veterinarian in a visit to a farmer as part of the USAID Iraq Community Action Program (CAP).

Photographer: Iraq CAP staff

A youth apprenticeship participant tests a blood sample at a laboratory as part of the USAID Iraq Community Action Program (CAP).

Photographer: Husam Majeed, ACDI/VOCA-Iraq CAP

Local boys wash themselves with water at the main square of Colpar, a community in the municipality of Chulumani. ACDI/VOCA’s ICDF program in Bolivia supported the construction of the square, which provides a meeting place for people from the village and nearby communities giving children safe space to play, elderly people a place to get together, and the community as a whole a strengthened local identity.

Photographer: ACDI/VOCA-Bolivia Staff