Zambia – Production, Finance, and Improved Technology Plus (PROFIT+)

Value Chain Approach Will Support Agriculture-led Growth by Smallholder Farmers

The USAID-funded Production, Finance, and Improved Technology Plus (PROFIT+) program is a core activity of President Obama's Feed the Future (FTF) global hunger and food security initiative in Zambia. The program targets market systems solutions to create opportunities for farmers and agribusinesses to increase agricultural productivity and access high-value markets, while facilitating private sector investments in target value chains.


Despite Zambia’s recent economic growth, poverty and malnutrition remain rampant, particularly in rural areas. Access to finance and markets, especially for smallholders, is limited, greatly inhibiting growth. PROFIT+’s geographic focus is in Eastern province where the typical smallholder farms less than three hectares of land. The project also works in targeted horticulture value chains in peri-urban Lusaka.



  • Improve smallholder productivity
  • Increase access to markets and trade
  • Boost private sector investment in agriculture
  • Improve women's participation in agriculture and trade, access to finance, and environmental compliance

Activities and Approaches

  • Closely link efforts and emerging trends in policy and agribusiness sector with innovative efforts on the ground while ensuring women and vulnerable groups also benefit from value chain development
  • Support development of the local commodity exchange and partner with international corporations and locally based companies to standardize production output and improve smallholder producers' access to larger markets, while creating 1,000 new jobs in value-added processing 
  • Design and implement new supply chain models and strategies for delivering new technologies to rural areas, sustainably bridging the "last mile gap" 
  • In partnership with government and financial sector, assist small-scale processors, farmers associations, and smallholders through provision of technical assistance, enabling them to increase their productivity through the application of new technologies

Anticipated and Achieved Results

  • Reach 200,000 smallholder farmers
  • Facilitate $50 million in private sector investment
  • Facilitate $120 million in increased trade
  • Improve smallholder productivity by 30 percent


Funder: USAID

Budget: $24,000,000

Contact: Alex Dunkel at

Updated: 6/15