Contracting Mechanisms

ACDI/VOCA participates in several umbrella agreements that allow USAID to quickly and easily issue multiple projects to pre-identified recipients anywhere in the world under one funding mechanism. Projects can range from short-term projects, such as policy papers, assessments, case studies, impact assessments or training, to more traditional long-term projects that address the constraints to enterprise development within a targeted sector, such as limited access to credit, weak legal policies, poor market access and need for better skills.

Indefinite Quantity Contract (IQC)

Indefinite Quantity Contracts are the principal contracting tool of USAID to secure goods and services in the majority of USAID programming world-wide. Indefinite Quantity Contracts are acquisition instruments that pre-qualify a limited number of recipients for a competitive bidding process in a short period of time, thereby simplifying and expediting the award-making process. ACDI/VOCA currently participates in the following IQCs across our five core areas of expertise.

Leader with Associates (LWA) Awards

A Leader with Associates award is an umbrella agreement similar to an IQC, but are available only to not-for-profit entities. ACDI/VOCA currently participates in three LWA agreements.

Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services (MOBIS) Awards

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The MOBIS program is provided through the General Services Administration (GSA). It offers support to governmental agencies for management and consulting services for improving internal capacities and effectiveness. ACDI/VOCA currently leads the following major program to support USAID missions.