Tools and Services

It takes more than good intentions to be an effective development agent. Our work is complicated, and proficiency requires specialized approaches, tools, and services. Here are some tools and services that distinguish ACDI/VOCA, which we adapt to the needs and opportunities of a given country context.

Climate Change and Disaster Resilience

Our CEDAR (Communities Empowered for Disaster and Adaptive Resilience) approach builds the capacity of rural communities to adapt to and mitigate the effects of long-term climate change and other threats.

Commodity Management

ACDI/VOCA is a global leader in the procurement, shipment, and handling of U.S. agricultural commodities for food aid programs of both the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s commodity management services.

Farming as a Business

Under this training model, farmers who operate at or near a subsistence level are inspired to adopt a business mindset and take on management tasks such as financial planning, crop selection, interacting with other value chain participants, marketing, keeping and using records and market information, etc. The model, designed for both food and income security, has been adapted to incorporate gender in a version known as Farming as a Family Business. It has also been adapted for specialty crops: e.g., Dairy Farming as a Business, Seaweed Farming as a Business, and Community Forestry as a Business. Learn more about Farming as a Business.


ACDI/VOCA's differentiated approach to support identity groups' expanded opportunities. Learn more about FOCUS.


GenderFirst incorporates ACDI/VOCA’s gender policy and ongoing mainstreaming efforts into all aspects of program design, planning, implementation, and evaluation. It provides tools for practitioners to prioritize interventions and practices that will have the most significant and sustainable impacts on reducing gaps in gender equality. Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s gender integration and mainstreaming approach.

Integrating Nutrition in Agriculture

We are often tasked with meeting the most basic food needs of vulnerable populations, including children and pregnant and lactating women. Whether working in an emergency setting or one of chronic hunger and poverty, ACDI/VOCA promotes nutrition in its agricultural interventions so that once a program ends beneficiaries will not only have food but also improved overall health.

International Certification

ACDI/VOCA and affiliate ASI are expert in helping companies meet quality standards and obtain international certification from such entities as ISO, OHS, and HAACP. This is important to clients and beneficiaries who need to embrace technology and innovation to become more competitive, particularly in international trade.

Mobile Money

Along with other ICT solutions, ACDI/VOCA has pioneered the extension of mobile financial services to rural areas and, with the help of private sector firms and banks, the integration of mobile money into multifaceted agricultural development programs.

Private Sector Alliances

Because of our market orientation, ACDI/VOCA recognizes the advantages of working with the private sector to empower people and expand economic opportunity. We have developed a variety of models for synergistic public-private partnerships. Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s Private Sector Alliances.

Producer Group Strengthening

ACDI/VOCA was founded by U.S. farm cooperatives, and we have an unmatched record of working at the grassroots to develop producer groups and associations that strengthen local capacity, promote participation, enable scale, and drive economic growth.

Profit Planner ©

ACDI/VOCA is known for developing innovative, commercially oriented mechanisms that bridge gaps between farmers, markets, and support services. Profit Planner © is a licensed software package developed by ACDI/VOCA that is designed to assist financial institutions developing agricultural lending portfolios and agribusinesses seeking to understand their supply base.

Sell More For More™

The award-winning Sell More For More™ training tool helps farmers improve post-harvest handling, execute effective market-oriented business plans and cascade their training to others. Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s Sell More For More™ approach.

Value Chain Approach and Inclusive Market Systems Development

ACDI/VOCA has developed a comprehensive set of tools that use a market system approach to promote economic growth and reduce poverty. As a go-to authority in this field we have studied, catalogued, and disseminated a broad range of best practices in this area that pertain to all stages of the project cycle from initial analysis to final impact assessment. We offer participatory training on the application of the value chain approach to donors, project implementers, and private sector business owners. Learn more about the value chain approach. Learn more about ACDI/VOCA’s value chain training.

Volunteer Services

The use of highly skilled short-term volunteer advisors to complement longer-term systemic projects is a cost-effective tool that applies the right expertise at the right time and place. It also enhances the development process by introducing warm interpersonal exchange. Since 1971 ACDI/VOCA has managed over 11,000 volunteer assignments in more than 130 countries. Learn more about ACDI/VOCA volunteers.