Food Security

Improving Access to Food and Fostering Resilience

Food security requires the strengthening of many factors. To be truly food secure, people need access to sufficient and nutritious food but also, among other things, economic opportunities, a stable enabling environment, and health and nutrition education.

ACDI/VOCA recognizes that in order to succeed in its mission to promote economic opportunities worldwide, we must first ensure that beneficiaries can meet their basic food needs and that vulnerability to future crises is reduced.

Addressing the Needs of the Most Vulnerable

Through activities targeted to the most vulnerable, ACDI/VOCA increases the availability and quality of food in local and regional markets and improves consumer access to and utilization of nutritious food. ACDI/VOCA also works to strengthen the resiliency of vulnerable populations and enhance their ability to respond to future shocks through the development of contingency plans, training in and facilitation of risk-mitigation strategies, and promotion of sustainable practices.

Holistic Approach to Food Security

Our programs address immediate needs in times of crisis to prevent bad situations from further deteriorating. ACDI/VOCA addresses the key elements of food security through the following integrated approaches:

Network of Food Security Allies

ACDI/VOCA implements food security programs through a variety of different funding mechanisms, including U.S. government-funded food aid programs, cash grants from sources such as the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), and contracts with other private voluntary organizations.

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