Community Development

Empowering communities for social and economic gains

Communities, as centers of power, influence, and economic opportunity, are fundamental building blocks of all societies. They are also natural development partners for ACDI/VOCA.

ACDI/VOCA applies community-driven development approaches to contribute to livelihoods, alternative development, and community stabilization. Through these efforts, we help create the basic conditions and fundamental building blocks for sustainable and equitable development.

Promoting Sustainable Livelihoods

We work at the community level and in marginal urban areas, targeting vulnerable populations. These groups include the poor, ethnic minorities, disabled people, the elderly, youth, and women.

We assist them in identifying market-based economic opportunities that have long-term potential. Our support includes value chain activities, climate-smart agriculture, micro and small business development, and vocational training and employment programs.

Supporting the Transition from Illicit to Licit Livelihoods

In countries where segments of the population have become dependent upon production of illicit crops or the illegal extraction of natural resources, we help communities develop the skills to engage in profitable alternative-livelihood activities.

These activities often include small-scale infrastructure components, as well as interventions to educate the population about existing polices and strengthen government so it is better able to enforce these policies and deliver services.

Building Trust in Communities Emerging from Conflict

In environments that are emerging from or currently in conflict, we address multifaceted challenges to revitalize economies, rebuild infrastructure, and instill a culture of participatory decision making into the local government process.

Activities include value chain interventions that address food security and increased incomes, participatory land mapping processes, and climate-smart agriculture.

We also enhance local governments’ ability to identify, articulate, and meet the needs of their constituencies, and we build the capacity of citizens to advocate for and obtain resources for priority community needs.



A Selection of Past Projects