Meet the Volunteer Program Staff



Jack Hawkins

Senior Director, Volunteer Programs


Diana Shipman

Diana Shipman

Recruiter for Volunteer Programs

Diana Shipman is a recruiter for volunteer programs and provides recruitment support for new business initiatives. She has been with ACDI/VOCA since 2006, following a year of private sector recruiting experience. She also served as a community development volunteer in the Peace Corps, El Salvador. Ms. Shipman recruits for ACDI/VOCA projects in West Africa and Latin America and helps other regions maximize the use of volunteers as needed. She helps expand our Service Learning Corps University Network as well as identifies and matches talented graduate students to Service Learning Corps assignments worldwide. Additionally, she now leads the VOCA Fund annual fall fundraising campaign that supports additional volunteer-related initiatives around the world.

Patrick Tracey

Patrick Tracy

Recruiter for Volunteer Programs

Patrick Tracy has been a recruiter for volunteer programs since 2007. He recruits technical specialists for Armenia, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Jamaica. He also responds to requests from other projects that have occasional needs for volunteers. He  participates in the development and oversight of the Mars Ambassador Program. His previous recruitment experience includes six years of recruiting professionals for Fortune 500 companies and law firms in the Washington, DC area.



Katherine Carwile

Recruitment Assistant

Katherine Carwile started working for ACDI/VOCA in May 2015. She is in charge of mobilizing the volunteers once they are recruited for their assignments. She works with them to arrange flights, procure visas, and compile the required paperwork. She takes the volunteer through a careful process of preparation, complete with a timeline and checklist to ensure the traveler is well-briefed, prepared, and feels comfortable for the international trip they are about to undertake. Katherine previously worked for Transparency International and Habitat for Humanity, both in Kathmandu, Nepal. She is an honors graduate of The College of Wooster in Ohio.