ACDI/VOCA Service Learning Corps

Graduate Student Overseas Volunteer Program

Are you a current or recent graduate student looking to make a difference overseas?

Current or recent (within two years) graduate students in the areas of business, agriculture and international studies are eligible to participate in ACDI/VOCA’s Service Learning Corps to support our overseas development programs.

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"The ACDI/VOCA Paraguay gender analysis assignment has been an incredible opportunity to expand my academic knowledge and personal skills in gender and women’s empowerment in Latin America. I would recommend volunteering for them if you seek to work towards true meaningful and sustainable development."

—Nathalia Patricia Hernandez Ochoa, ACDI/VOCA volunteer in Paraguay

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To Apply to Service Learning Corps

  1. Be a qualified candidate (a recent or current master's or Ph.D. student in agriculture, international business or international studies; see FAQ for other areas)
  2. Create an e-Profile in our online recruitment system and select "Service Learning Corps" as a job category
  3. Visit our international opportunities portal and click the Service Learning Corps link to see current openings
  4. Select the Service Learning Corps assignment(s) for which you qualify
  5. Submit your résumé, cover letter and a recommendation from your advisor

Please be aware that the Service Learning Corps selection process is highly competitive and only finalists will be contacted.

Recruiters update the Service Learning Corps opportunities frequently, so be sure to check back from time to time to update your e-Profile and submit a new application.

ACDI/VOCA’s Experience in Volunteer Development Work

People-to-people development is in ACDI/VOCA’s DNA. From Albania to Zimbabwe, ACDI/VOCA has completed over 11,000 volunteer assignments in more than 130 countries since 1971.

Our volunteer assignments are entirely field driven. Candidates are placed based on needs of our ongoing, long-term development programs. Most ACDI/VOCA volunteers are seasoned, mid-career professionals who serve in short-term (two- to three-week) technical assistance assignments. The donation of their time and expertise helps our programs achieve more with less donor funds.

Unique Graduate Student Volunteer Program

Service Learning Corps (SLC) is a new concept that offers opportunities for graduate and recent graduate students to serve in longer volunteer assignments (up to six months). This allows for greater impact on our beneficiaries as well as a more substantive experience for the volunteer. When possible, the SLC volunteer will be paired up with a local graduate student in the country of assignment, promoting teamwork and fostering relationships between students and universities.

Each volunteer assignment will be arranged and supported by ACDI/VOCA staff in the country of service. Travel and living expenses will be covered.

Students will receive a certificate from ACDI/VOCA upon completion of the volunteer assignment.

ACDI/VOCA volunteer, Doyle Galvin, describes his experience with the Service Learning Corps in Ghana.

"If I could summarize the experience for myself, I would say that it was one of the best experiences of my life, and that I am so blessed to have had this incredible, life changing opportunity. I met some amazing people and made some lasting friendships. I also learned that I am on the right career path and that I am capable of making a difference (even if small) with my education, training, leadership and dedication to improving the lives of others—a definite highlight in my life!"

—Tara Wood, ACDI/VOCA volunteer in Ghana. Flickr album of Wood's experience.

ACDI/VOCA volunteer, Tara Wood, describes her experience with the Service Learning Corps in Ghana.

Volunteers Make a Difference

Since 1997, volunteers have donated approximately $30 million worth of their valuable professional time to ACDI/VOCA and its government sponsors.

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Have more questions? Learn more on the Service Learning Corps FAQ.

Pictured at top left: Service Learning Corps volunteer Nathalia Ochoa with cooperative members and ACDI/VOCA staff during her two-month assignment conducting a gender analysis through ACDI/VOCA's USAID-funded Cooperative Development Program in Paraguay.