Get Involved

Help people succeed in the global economy

Want to help drive economic growth and create vibrant, stable communities around the world? Here are 16 ways you can get involved:

    1. Share your expertise as a volunteer.
      If you have significant expertise related to our work, volunteer to provide short-term technical assistance to our field projects. Recent and current graduate students can volunteer through our Service Learning Corps.
    2. Follow us on Twitter.
      Follow the latest news from around the development world.
    3. Connect with ACDI/VOCA on Facebook.
      Learn about our programs, see photos and interact with others interested in international development.
    4. Apply to join our team.
      Our staff is integral to our success. Apply for our U.S and international opportunities.
    5. Make a one-time or recurring donation to ACDI/VOCA’s VOCA Fund.
      Help us do even more: All gifts—large and small—will support our development programs. Learn about our recent campaigns. Ready to support our work? Donate today.
    6. Help us recruit the best staff.
      Encourage your contacts to apply for our international or domestic opportunities.
    7. Engage with us on Google+.
      Add us to your circles on Google+ and stay abreast of resources from around the international development community.
    8. Help us find the best volunteers.
      Encourage your contacts with expertise in agriculture, financial services, community development, small business development, marketing and more to apply for our volunteer opportunities.
    9. Follow us on LinkedIn.
      Find out more about our impressive staff around the world.
    10. Know the latest international development issues.
      Sign up for our monthly e-newsletter Global Connections. If you have a U.S. mailing address, sign up for our annual report and our annual magazine, World Report.
    11. Watch videos on our YouTube Channel.
      Get an on-the-ground view of our latest work. Become a subscriber and be the first to know about our new videos.
    12. Volunteer through Service Learning Corps.
      If you're a current or recent graduate student, apply to volunteer through ACDI/VOCA's Service Learning Corps, which connect qualified graduate students to support our overseas development programs.
    13. Subscribe to our news RSS feed.
      Have our latest news go straight to your web browser or RSS reader with links to full articles on our website.
    14. Bring volunteerism to your company.
      Contract with ACDI/VOCA to design and implement a volunteer program, or sponsor volunteers within the structure of a current ACDI/VOCA project.
    15. Shop on Amazon Smile
      Looking to shop and help ACDI/VOCA at the same time? Use Amazon Smile! Select ACDI/VOCA as your organization to help empower people worldwide at no cost to you. With each eligible purchase, Amazon will donate 0.5 percent of your purchase's price to ACDI/VOCA's VOCA Fund, which supports our programs. More information on Amazon Smile is here:
    16. Spread the word to your network!
      Help us gain power in numbers: Encourage your friends, families and colleagues to join our community. Use the "Send this Page" or social media sharing links at the top of this page to get your contacts involved, too!


     ACDI/VOCA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, and all donations are 100 percent tax deductible.


    CAUTION: If you receive a suspicious email message from someone claiming to be ACDI/VOCA and asking for donations or your personal information, please forward the email to for confirmation and verification. We will report incidents of misrepresentation and fraudulent solicitation to the Federal Trade Commission. We value our integrity and your privacy.