50 Years of ACDI/VOCA




Over 50 years, some things haven’t changed.

We were founded to build local capacity and create sustainable economic growth, and we’re still doing exactly that.


ACDI/VOCA was established by member-owned, market-oriented U.S. farmer cooperatives, so you could say local capacity building is in our DNA. Over 90 percent of our staff is locally hired, and 85 percent of our funding goes to program implementation. We work with over 3,000 local partner organizations and institutions.


“ACDI/VOCA is not only your organization—it is ours too.”
—provincial council chairman, northern Iraq

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Since 1963 ACDI/VOCA has

Development Works

We know that development works and that all benefit when economic opportunities expand. Our anniversary milestone is no time to rest on our laurels—the world demands leadership and competence in our areas of expertise and integrated approaches to complex challenges. That is why today we implement one of the strongest Feed the Future portfolios in the industry.  

As this site illustrates, we continue to fight hunger, poverty, and dysfunction.

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